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Our vision is to empower creativity, connection, collaboration and community. A curated market of both new and experienced artists, intertwining art and wellness. Sheryl and James both work in healthcare by day, with heart to create by night, all while balancing parenthood, hence #lovesteady, a lifestyle we work on maintaining.  Sheryl keeps her love steady through movement, spending time with family and friends, reading, listening to music, finding inspiration in connecting with others and working on her handmade Jewelry business Lovesuite.  James keeps his love steady creating musically and graphically as a DJ and Graphic Designer.  Both James and Sheryl have a goal to build collaborative relationships across various industries, bridging the gap between work and play, bringing together a community of like-minded individuals to create - connect - collaborate and grow with, defining our "balance" or finding it along the way to a #Lovesteady, steady loving Lifestyle.

We look forward to host this space of curated products and goods from an array of artists, designers, entrepreneurs within our growing community.

We appreciate and thank you for visiting our site, we are a constantly learning and growing and look forward to connect, collaborate and grow with you. 

Stay tuned as we are doing our best to keep our LOVESTEADY and periodically update our site.

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 Stay Blessed


Keep your LoveSteady,

Shels and Jayski