Set your intentions in stone 6/16/2024


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  • Handmade with Love
  • Style with Intention

Event Timing: June 16, 2024 
Event Address: The Artform Studio 5611 N. Figueroa St. Suite #2 Los Angeles, Ca. 90042 (address map here)

Contact us at or via Instagram _Lovesuite_  or The_Artform_Studio
Limited to 12 students 10 yrs and older

Style with Intention Lovesuite Workshop - Create Your Own Wearable Intentions guided by Lovesuite Jewelry at The Artform Studio in Highland Park, Los Angeles

Join us for this hands-on jewelry making experience

May is Mental Health Awareness month and we are honoring our mental health through music, movement with our hands, art and community.

With a positive mindset and a beautiful reminder of your intentions.

Crafting with intention is a great way to set our mindset in to positive state.It provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, while also stimulating our minds and improving our mental health.

During the workshop we will design a necklace and set intentions. We will discuss the benefits of various crystals and learn how to clear and reset intentions as seasons change. By setting intentions for the crystals chosen as part of our designs, we can focus on what we want to feel when placing it on and create affirmations to remind us of our set intentions.  Or if it's a gift, set intentions for whom you are going to spread the love to. 

Finally, we will use the affirmations we've created into a journal which we can use to place our thoughts, goals and dreams down.
Join us for an uplifting, inspirational, and energetic experience that fosters creativity, self-expression and a healthy mind and heart.

Reservations are required. Space is limited.

20% - Pre-sale until Wednesday 6/12/2024 II discount code LOVE
$88 - Regular Price

First 5 receive free gift  
All participants receive 15% off Lovesuite Jewelry on day of event

What's Included 

- 2 hours of guided instruction
- Supplies for one beaded necklace
- Additional necklaces can be created and paid for in class

- Journal to keep yourself on track with affirmations, goals, and intentions set during our workshop
- Light snack and beverage

Intro (30 min) Discuss materials, benefits of various crystals, intention setting, affirmations (Common ways to clear and reset intentions as seasons change.)
Create (60min) Gather materials, design pattern, assistance provided as needed.
Wrap up (30) Set intentions to finished product, create affirmation, follow through with action - journaling. 
About the instructor: 
By profession, Sheryl works as a college health nurse and designs Lovesuite pieces to stay creative and stimulate her mind to stay mentally healthy.  She creates handcrafted jewelry through her business, LOVESUITE Jewelry,  influenced and inspired by the company she keeps, art, music, movement, personal growth and empowerment.  When you put on your Lovesuite jewelry, not only do you look good, but you also feel good, embracing your strength to conquer the day.

Cancellation Policy:
All workshop registrations are final.  

We do not issue refunds on workshop registrations.

If you register for a workshop and later become unable to attend, we will gladly offer a credit if you notify us at least 48 hours before the workshop. Or if you would like to send a friend instead, let us know!

We are unable to offer credits of any kind, or honor reschedule requests, with less than 48 hours advance notice. 

About Our Policy
Our workshops require a great deal of pre-planning, including ordering supplies and tools -- all based on the number of students who register. When students ask to cancel or reschedule at the last minute, we lose money. As a small business, we are unable to absorb these costs and still keep our class prices low.  

In fairness to all of our customers we are unable to make exceptions to our policy, including for reasons of illness or travel. If you are unable to attend a workshop at the last minute, we suggest giving your spot to a friend!

Thank you for understanding!


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