1st Lovesuite Pop-Up at The Artform Studio 2013/2014

LOVESUITE is a 🇵🇭 Filipina-American, woman-owned Jewelry & Design company founded by Sheryl Lynn Aquino.  Originally from Northern California (BAY AREA), and now rooted in Southern California (LA/OC).

By profession, Sheryl works as a college health nurse and designs Lovesuite pieces to stay creative and stimulate her mind to stay mentally healthy.  She creates handcrafted jewelry influenced and inspired by the company she keeps, art, music, movement, self-care, personal growth and empowerment.  When you put on your Lovesuite jewelry, not only do you look good, but you also feel good, embracing your strength to conquer the day.

A reminder that you are a force! 

A message from Shels -

Blessed to have you check out my work.  Each piece is one of a kind, hand picked, designed and prepared by me, therefore it will not be an exact replica of the other, which adds to the unique creations and designs behind Lovesuite Jewelry.  I pay close attention to detail when creating (if it’s not good enough for me, it’s not good enough to showcase) and put love and intention into my work, in hopes that the jewelry I've created will bring love and joy, that giddy feeling of excitement, to the person wearing it, as it does to me when creating.  Thank you for your support and always #keeptheLOVESUITE
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