Capiz Shell

I’ve been on the look out for sourced goods from the Philippines to add to my Lovesuite creations. Unable to find a local vendor, I almost gave up and started searching online. I prefer to personally feel, see and source materials that I’m attracted to and that I can envision as part of a collection for my Lovesuite Brand.

During my birthday, I decided to go on a last minute trip to NYC with a good friend. While roaming the streets of NYC we made a stop to a local jewelry supply store.  As I looked around, I was drawn to these shells and immediately had ideas of pieces to create.  Later finding out that these shells I picked up were in fact Capiz Shells which are sourced and found in the Philippines. 

Placuna Placenta, aka Capiz Shell, is a natural, eco-friendly, sustainable resource found in the bottom of the sea surrounding the islands of the the Philippines.  The Placuna Placenta Mollusks are shucked for food, before cleaning, drying, sizing, counting and selling the Capiz shell lining to local Artisans. The sale of Capiz is a source of income for many island families. During Spanish occupation, they were used to make sliding windows as their translucence and durability made them an excellent substitute for glass. Today, we still use them to craft (stained-glass) windows, as well as jewelry, wind chimes and numerous decorative items.


  • The Artform Studio 2021

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